Monday, 13 July 2015

Now Qualified as a Receptionist!!

I was studying Business and Administration Course for almost 18 months and I have completed the course today. I was very happy that I have completed the course.

Throughout the day, I reload my emails for about 5 times and I wasn't receiving any email that I wanted. During lunch time so 12pm to 12:30pm; I had lunch, I read my scriptures for 5 minutes and I kept reloading my emails. I asked myself "What am I doing wrong? Come on, I really want the email from a friend right now." It was 1:45pm or 1:57pm when I have been told "We made it, we finish the course!" 

I was feeling very happy but a little disappointed because I was getting impatient for the email. I kept thinking that friend will email me. Soon enough, it was 2pm and that friend emailed me. I said to myself "I have been waiting for this email to arrive. Finally." 

The course started with 15 students on January 27th, 2014. Throughout the time that I was doing the course; there was always new students, new teachers, there was students dropping out and by today, there was 2 other students who has finished the course with me and I was the only student who was doing the course since January 27th, last year.

I AM NOW QUALIFIED AS A RECEPTIONIST which means I will be able to work in any business reception office when I am successful of getting a job in that industry. I could be working as a receptionist in a school office.
I shared this quote by Elder Russell M. Nelson because it kept me motivated and it is so true. I also always try my best to remember this "We always learning something new each day. If you don't think that you didn't learn anything new this day, well think again and those little things can become big and better things that may impact our lives for good," 

That is all from me for now.