Saturday, 18 July 2015

I Don't Miss Perth Anymore

A few friends has been asking me a question and that is "Are you missing Perth?" I always answer "I'm not missing Perth."

If I had to give my reason why, I would have said the following,

"I missed Perth within 2 weeks of being back in Queensland. However it has been almost 2 months ago since I came back home from Perth and I don't miss Perth anymore. I do miss the Missionaries that I have met, new friends, spending time with friends, going to Perth Temple and attending the YSA activities but that's okay.
I have been too busy of focusing to finish my Business and Administration Course which I have completed since this Monday, finish my Diploma Course which I have completed almost a month ago, attending Institute often, going to the Temple often, going out with the Sister Missionaries, applying for heaps of jobs until I get contact from a employer for a job interview, and other things.

So I am not 100% sure when I will ever come back to Perth and I won't be going back next month. That is okay for me to say and I know that some friends was looking forward to see me again."
Throughout this post, it displays 2 photos of me and Emma Chapman. The photos was taken while I was in Perth. That is all from me for now. Stay tuned.

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