Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Reflecting Memories Before Sister Marah Dixon Left

Today as Day 1 without my best friend Sister Marah Dixon and it was so hard. I was rereading some text messages conversations between me and Sister Dixon had before she left and I was about to cry. I was also reflecting on all the photos of the memories that me and her had together before she left. It made me cry.
A Photo of us after our last Baptistery Session together
I don't want to think the idea that she is already gone but it is so hard. You may ask, "Why don't you want to think about the idea that she is already gone?" It is because I would rather not go to some places that me and her went together and where some greatest memories was held. It's sucks because the 2 most common places that me and her went together was the Temple and Karawartha Chapel.
One of the photos from the last YSA Ball together
I don't want to say "I want her back home already because I miss her so much already and I want to see her again already." I don't know if that relates to anyone else. I know that I should be happy that she left for her mission instead of crying and crying. I know one day eventually I will stop crying and think about the positive that she has gone for her mission because of her desire to serve Heavenly Father and invite others to come unto Christ.

However, I don't know how I would react when I get her emails and letters. I will have to wait when those times comes and I am not ready for it. I am scared that I will cry a lot when I receive an email or a letter from her.

Stay tuned to the next post. 

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