Sunday, 5 July 2015

Job Interview Tomorrow

This post is short and sweet. Tomorrow will be a exciting day for me. You may ask me, "What will be happening tomorrow that tomorrow will be a exciting day for you?" The title has given the answer away and that is job interview tomorrow. You may ask about the details.
Are you ready to know the details? Here is the details. 
What is it: A job interview for a Travel Sales Consultant 
Where: At a Flight Centre 
When: Tomorrow at 10AM
Position: Part-Time  

I hope I get the job because I haven't been employed for almost 2 whole years and I think I will be good at the task. I have to stay positive,  and be myself during the interview. If I don't get the job, that is okay, I will keep looking for other jobs to apply for and hope for the best. I will try my best to announce on social media if I got the job or not. 

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