Friday, 3 July 2015

Good, Better, Best

This post is short and sweet. I hope you will like the Image below.  
I encourage you to ask yourselves the following questions;
"What am I good at? How can I be the best person that I can be?
What am I not good at? How could I improve on those things?
What can I do for making better choices each day and night?
How can my righteous examples influence others?" 

I have a suggestion for you and it is upto you to do it or not.
In your spare time and if you have about 10 minutes to 15 minutes, you could do this suggestion. Allow yourself to have some time to write down the questions in your journal and then think about the questions. Then, I encourage you to allow to have more time to think about the answers and write down the answers in your journal.

I encourage you to take your time to read a General Conference talk called "Good, Better, Best by Dallin H. Oaks." When you click the link below, you will have the option to watch the video and the video goes for almost 15 minutes. I hope you will like the talk.

 That is all from me for now. 
Stay Tuned.

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