Sunday, 12 July 2015

Is the Mission for me?

I fasted and prayed a few times about serving a proselyting mission, I didn't received any answer. I stopped attending Mission Prep classes, as I decided to go with the Sister Missionaries and I also decided to do my own preparations. I started to feel I was a Sister Missionary already whenever I was doing that instead of attending Mission Prep classes.

I felt very strongly about my decision to serve a mission. I worked out what date I would like the mission papers to be handed in, when I would like to enter the Missionary Training Center, etc.

For 2 years or 3 years, I kept thinking that the proselyting mission and the young church service mission will be optional for how long of service for the girls. Today, I found out that both of the missions; proselyting and young church service mission isn't optional about how long the girls get to serve for.

I must admit, I felt discouraged that I can't make the decision of how long I can serve a mission for. I can't serve none of them because 18 months is too long and also because of my 2 conditions.

You may ask "What are your 2 conditions and how would those conditions affect you serving a mission if you do go on a mission?"

Well I have asthma for almost 3 years, and I have bilateral hip dysplasia (which is 2 hips out of place) for all my life. It would have affected me by walking long distances, having stresses, the weather changing a lot, and many more. It wouldn't go well if I serve a mission.

I guess Heavenly Father has other plans in store for me to do instead of serving a mission. However I will still prepare if I was going to serve a mission, It still helps me to stronger testimony, stronger relationship with Heavenly Father, helps me with my spiritual strength and many more. 

Mission isn't for me while I am young. I will still try my best to influence others by my righteous examples and keeping high standards in the Church. I hope no one does feel upset about my decision.  
That's all from me for now until next time.

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