Tuesday, 24 November 2015

18 Months in Fiji Suva Mission‬ (Lilyann T)

This post is short and sweet.

My close friend Lilyann got called to serve to Fiji Suva Mission and I was very happy for her. She reports to Provo MTC next year in March and she has to prepare to teach the gospel in Fijian language. She will be a great Sister Missionary.
Above is two photos out of many photos that was taken at Sister M Dixon's airport farewells/final goodbyes for 18 months.

You may ask me, "When I first met Lilyann?"
I first met Lilyann at EFY 2012 and we were in the same EFY Company together.
We have been friends for almost 4 years.

You may ask me "Is there any great memories with Lilyann within the last 2 years?"
Yes. I will share with you a few of those great memories and it wouldn't be in order.

Lilyann went with me to Sister M. Dixon's airport farewells/final goodbyes for 18 months.
Lilyann and I was in the same counsellor group for SMYC last year.
I had dinner with her family and her ward Sister Missionaries.

Lilyann if you are reading this post right now, I would like to say "Congratulations Lilyann, all the best for your mission! I think I will miss you heaps when you leave for your mission but I think I will be okay and try not to cry when the time comes to say our final goodbyes.

I want you to know that I do consider you as one of my close friends but I think you already know that. I love spending time with you whenever I get the chance to.

From your friend, Megan."
Stay Tuned until next time.

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