Sunday, 8 November 2015

Appreciate the Little Things

Sometimes in life we don't see the little things, it's either because we get too distracted or don't recognise it. When we get too distracted or don't recognise those little things, then we would become unknown to little things in life.

Little things can be simple. It can be like random act of kindness, such as letting your brother or your sister to know that you love them, making a new friend, and many more.

When we do recognise the little things in life, we have to something about it. We can't just act like nothing has happened and it wouldn't change a thing that it has happened. We can make those little things turned into big things. If we continue to allow those little things turn into big things, eventually  it will become an impact into your life.

For an example, you have decided to call a friend. It could be a friend who you haven't spoken to for quite some time or a friend you know who is struggling or a friend who loves to talk to you. He or she will appreciate your call. If he or she doesn't answer, leave a message.

Another example can be, aiming to go to the Temple once a month and change it to going to the Temple twice a month, Make a habit of attending often and you will be blessed. I have been going to the Temple often, and it has made known to the Temple workers to say "Welcome Sister Green" instead of calling me by name "Megan."

I encourage you to think about these two questions "What can I do to make the current little things turn into big things?" What are the little things that I appreciate for?" in your own time.

Stay Tuned until next time.

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