Thursday, 6 October 2016

Guiding to Make the Right Choices

I felt all of my choices that I have made yesterday and last night was all right choices and I knew that I was very tuned with the spirit. Yesterday afternoon, I drove to my job interview and I felt well confident that I will go well for the interview. I knew that I was not making a mistake of going to the interview.

After my interview, I reflect on my interview and I felt the interview went great. The interview felt like it went for short ten minutes. I decided to for a drive to a local public library and I was there for about one hour and thirty minutes.

After being at the public library for about one hour and thirty minutes, I drove to a TAFE college and it was closed. I felt a little down, but that is okay. I decided to go to where I used to walk with my sister Emma and my Mum when I was in primary school years, (around 7 years to 11 years).

My fuel tank of my car was still showing it was full and I already done about 80km. When I was arrived at a quiet place; I prayed to have the spirit to be with me, I expressed that I want to make the right choices, and mentioned other things.

After that prayer; I rewrite something that I already written since Sunday afternoon, I read my Partirachal Blessing and I read two letters that my Dad has written for me. After that, I really wanted to go and visit someone. A elderly sister who I have not seen for about two years.

I turned off to a street what was suppose to be hers, and then I turned off that street, went down the street, and then I droved back up, pass that one street and went to the other street. In my mind saying, "You forgot how to get there. Didn't you?" I must admit the answer was "Yes."
It was able to learn something from that experience and that was,
"Sometimes when the members of the Church are caught up in the world's society and feeling down, we can forget who we can turn to when we feel down."

Continue to the story of the day, I felt a little down that I was not able to see someone who I wanted to visit.

I did not fully understand why my fuel tank of my car was still showing it was full. The moment when I was about to drive through Forestdale, my heart was beating very fast and I did not know why. It must have been feeling to me to know that I was doing the right thing. 

When I arrived at Forest Lake's shopping centres, I called my Mum and I spoke to her for awhile. Then I got a strong impression to call someone else and when I called someone else, I found out she was sick. I was very tuned with the spirit and listened to that someone else.

After that phone call, I saw the stake president in the area and I was able to have a quick conversation with him. Who would have thought that I left home at a right time, I had my job interview, and all other turns before arriving at the Forest Lake area and ended the day with seeing the stake president in the area. Wow! It is amazing feeling!

After having a quick conversation with him, I was able to have dinner and sometime after I had dinner, I was able to make the decision to go to Institute. My car tank still shows it was full. I am very grateful that I went to Mission Preparation class, I learned something new and that was "When we say something is true, Holy Ghost must testify it is true." After Institute, I was still at the Chapel until 10pm.

On my way to drive home, I felt a strange feeling. I called up a YSA leader, and she didn't answer. I called a YSA and she didn't answer. When the YSA called me back, I pulled side of the road and answered. I was able to talk to her for about thirty minutes and then continued talking to her again when I began my way back home again.

Sometimes in life, it can be hard to recognise to guidance of the Holy Ghost and we need to allow the Holy Ghost help us get through each day and each night. I really love the Image that I have shared for this post and if you can not see the Image, it says "Maybe sometimes the hardest decisions we have to make are ones that God wants us to make ourselves."
Stay Tuned until next time.

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