Sunday, 16 October 2016

My Wonderful Experience with the Camira Ward Sisters!

Today has reached eight days ago since I first met an elderly lady named Ana and I still remember that day. I still remember what I was doing amd that was helping Ana with putting her groceries in her car from the trolley and I also was sharing a little of my testimony stating that I know families can be together forever and I know that she will see her son again.

I had a friend with me on that day and mentioning what I said is true because she believe in those things too. I still remember how I felt and that was filled so much with the spirit from General Conference.

This morning, I was having a quick conversation with one of the Full-Time missionaries who is serving in Forest Lake ward. I was asking productive questions that will help me to know who would be the nearest missionaries in Ana's area, and what ward is the Missionaries and I forgot to follow up with the missionaries after church for getting the nearest missionaries's phone number of Ana's area.
The Image above is me and the Sister Missionaries.

The nearest missionaries for Ana's area is Camira Ward. Sometime after church, I started to make my way driving to Ana's house and I felt a strange feeling. I turned around and I started making my way to the chapel where Camira ward meets. I arrived at Camira ward late and I was able to meet the Sister Missionaries.

I was feeling so much joy and happiness. I was so excited to share with the Sister Missionaries how I met Ana, and I would like to go with them for a lesson to teach Ana sometime during the week. I gave them my phone number. As they were about to leave Church, I also expressed to them that I would like to spend some time with them this afternoon.

After they left, I decided to stay at the chapel until the Sister Missionaries contacted me and I was waiting for about three hours and twenty minutes. During some of that time, I was in Goodna Ward. When they contacted me, I was so happy.

The Sister Missionaries sent me a text message that mentioned their flat address and I was looking forward to seeing them again. Fast forward from seeing someone else before visiting Ana, the Sister Missionaries asked me if I would like to see Ana and I answered, "Yes." Surely enough, we were on our way to Ana's house and I kept thinking about the first time when I met her.

When we arrived at Ana's house, I offered to say the prayer before we went inside and the prayer mentioned things that I did not think of before. When Ana opened the door for us, I felt so much happiness and I kept thinking how grateful I am to see Ana again.

The Sister Missionaries was expecting to just to get to know Ana but the spirit was so strong that me and the Sister Missionaries shared a lesson on The Plan of Salvation. During the lesson, I kept thinking about her loved ones who already passed on what they will be thinking about. I know that they will be very happy.

They will be very happy about the gospel brings happiness to people lives and the great understanding to know that when Ana pass on, she will see them again. By the end of the lesson, we asked her if she would like to know more about the gospel and the moment when she said "Yes," I was about to cry of how much that lesson has touched and helped her more deep understanding of this life.

The next lesson got scheluded to this Wednesday. If you are a member of the Church, I strongly encourage you pray for a missionary experience and do not give up praying because one day, you will be able to have a missionary experience. A missionary experience always start small, such as sharing a little of your testimony stating what you know are true and always pray to have the spirit to be with you.

If you are not a member of the Church, I strongly encourage you to get discussions with the Missionaries and it will bless your life for the better!
Stay Tuned until next time.

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