Monday, 3 October 2016

Everything takes time, time takes everything away.

I always kept writing in books to write about my notes as I watched General Conference during General Conference weekend, my notes about what I learned in Institute, my notes about what I learned during the three hours that I learned in church, my notes about what I learned from personal scripture study and time to time, I write about my notes how I feel when I go to the Temple.

I have been asked a few times by a few different people who I am close to about if I keep a journal or not. It felt strange whenever I answered, "no, however I used to blog often." I reminded myself about how I used to have a journal that I write in about my days but I did not pursue to continue writing in it often.
I love the Image says above and if you can not see the Image above, it says "Everything takes time, Time takes everything away."

On Sunday afternoon was when I felt inspired and decided to make an effort to have a journal that I can write in whenever I feel like it and write in it often. It made me feel so happy about the decision.

I would like to share with you what the first page was about that I wrote in the journal. It says, "Sometimes things does not seem to work out straight away, everything takes time, even the little things will become big and greater things.

When things does not work out straight away, do not feel discouraged because eventually things will work out in a later time and that later time called "the Lord's timing." Sometimes I feel like that I wanna give up and I do not know where do I stand with things.

I do not like having higher expectations and things does not work out. I want to make the right choices and it is hard. Losing the spirit sucks at times and I feel weak and upset when those times happen. I have to learn at times to let go and move on. I already see myself happy and stuck with helping a lot of people."

Stay Tuned until next time.

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