Friday, 23 October 2015

Perfect Peace

This post is based on a song called "Perfect Peace by Laura Story." I have been able to hear this song often. I encourage you to listen to the song in your own time and think about these two following questions.

"What does perfect peace" means to you?"
"Do you think about the feelings that comes with it when you feel peace?"
If you can't see the Image above, it says "Stay by my side, keep your eyes on me though this life is hard, I will give you PERFECT PEACE in this moment of trail that no one sees trust me when I say I will give you PERFECT PEACE. You will never walk alone, never be in need. I may not calm the storms around you but you can hide in me burdens that you bear offer no relief. Let me bear your load because I will give you PERFECT PEACE. Stay by my side and you will never walk alone, know that I will always give you PERFECT PEACE."

What does that mean to you as you were reading that Image?
Did it change the way you were thinking before you read the Image?

I suggest you to think about that Heavenly Father does gives us perfect peace and we aren't alone. He is always with us. He can give us peace and comfort when we ask for it. It's a good time to ask him when we needed it the most.
If you can't see the Video above, here's the link for the song that you could listen to it in your own time.

I encourage you to rethink about the questions from the start, "What does "perfect peace" means to you now?" "What do you think about the feelings comes with it when you feel peace?"
Stay Tuned until next time. 

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