Thursday, 1 October 2015

I am Grateful for Safety and Protection

Day 12: I am Grateful for Safety and Protection.

Why am I grateful for Safety and Protection?
I am Grateful for Safety and Protection because I love seeing signs about keeping me safe and protected, I love getting to places safely and protected, I always put my faith and trust that I will go to places safely either by driving to or riding a bike to or walking to or catching a train to or catching a bus to or catching a plane to and some other reasons too.

In this world;  I know there are type of people who would take someone by deceiving her or him (such as tricking them about something isn't true), I know there are type of people who lie about their age on Facebook (for those who has Facebook, needs to be extremely careful who they talk to on Facebook), etc. You get the idea. 
I know there are signs to keep people safe and protected when they are obedient to the signs.
This post isn't long but that's alright. I see this post short and powerful. 

I encourage you to think about these two following questions:
Do you put your faith and trust that you will get to places safely?
Are you grateful for Safety and Protection?

Stay Tuned until next time.

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  1. I put my trust in God continuously for not just my own safety and protection, but my family members and other loved ones as well.

    The world has many lovely people, but there are those who will do awful things to one another. Many people think they're smart enough to be where they ought not be and never suffer the consequences. Others are innocently in the wrong place at the wrong time. It happens.

    Don't go anywhere that the influence or promptings of the Holy Ghost cannot be easily felt or heard. Pray always that you will be receptive to promptings and obey those immediately. You're not smarter than God and even seemingly innocent situations can turn nasty. Don't be afraid of embarrassment. It is better to risk someone thinking you're a bit paranoid than to risk your safety, your life, your comfort, your virtue, your integrity or any other part of who you are or another person.

    If it is you that poses a risk to another, seek a way out. Seek a better path. Seek help.

    All are important to God and all are entitled to some kind of prompting or another. Listen and obey.

    These things are very important to me. Yes, I may seem a little paranoid. But, I have seen my fair share -- and more -- of the results of seemingly simple errors in judgement.