Thursday, 19 May 2016

18 Months in Brazil Belo Horizonte {M Cramer}

My friend Melody C future Sister Cramer received her mission call after waiting for 2 weeks and a half. I must admit that I am still very happy for her and I am still a little jealous that she got her mission call so quickly. She opened her mission call on Monday evening. Congratulations Melody!

You may ask me the following questions, "When did you first met Melody?" "Where did you first met Melody?" and "How did you meet Melody?"

On February 21st this year, it was a Sunday evening and at Kawartha chapel was when and where I first met Melody. I meet Melody when she was having a conversation with a few of my YSA friends outside near the front doors of the chapel.

I could tell that she was very excited to go to Gatton University. I could also tell that she was excited to move into Gatton. The only reason why she mentioned Gatton because no one knew Laidley was until I spoke up and told her that I knew Laidley was. I mentioned it was the same suburb as me where I was living at the time. I mentioned to her that she will be moving into my ward.

She was very happy because she made a new YSA friend, and knowing that new YSA friend is in the new ward. When she told me what course she would be studying at Gatton University, I knew straight away that I need to find my sister Emma.
When I walked into the chapel, I found Emma and I introduced Melody to Emma. They talked to each other for awhile. It was amazing to know all of that meeting up happened almost 3 months ago.

I considered Melody as a great friend to me. I am so grateful that I have met her when I did. I still couldn't believe that me and her met. I had some fun times with her by getting to know her better, taking to her to Institute, talking to her often and doing other things for each other.

Anyway, she got called to serve in Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission for 18 months. She will have to prepare and preach the gospel in the Portuguese language. She will be leaving on September 13th, this year. I am not ready for her to leave me. I hope her companions, her district leaders, her zone leaders, the investigators in the wards and branches that she meets, the members in the wards and branches that she meets, her mission president, her mission president's wife will be kind to Melody.

I hope they all will take care of Melody. I don't have much else to say.

Stay Tuned until next time.

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