Monday, 30 May 2016

Six Months ago yesterday since my Car Accident

I encourage you to think about the following two questions. "Where did the last six months go?" and
"What you were doing on Sunday; November 29th, last year?"

Exactly twelve weeks before the car accident, I started my mission papers.
Five nights before the car accident, I attended a Baptistery session with a few friends.

I would like to share with you a few highlights that I have achieved for that date.
In the morning, I had a Temple Recommend interview and received a new Temple Recommend.
In the afternoon, I went to two friends's combined farewell party and many photos was taken.

The weather was bad. There was hail, there was some loud thunderstorms, it was heavy raining, and it was very windy. After the bad weather, the clouds was clearing up to be sunny again but the roads and highways slippery wet, some roads had fallen trees.

Late afternoon to early evening, I left a close friend's house and within five minutes leaving her house, I had a car accident. A car accident that could have caused me suffering more than a few major injuries.
A car accident that could have cost my life. My car didn't have ABS (anti-brake system) and any airbags.
Yesterday reached six months ago since the car accident happened. I used to think a lot to ask myself the following two questions,

"Would I have changed my mind sooner about not going to or leaving sooner from two friends's combined farewell party?" and "Why did the car accident happen to me?"

I was so shocked straight away aftter the car accident happened. I suddenly felt so sorry. I was crying. I knew it was a mistake. It was a silly mistake that I ever did. I was very grateful for people who stopped on the side of the highway to ask ne if I was okay and if I have caused any injuries.

At the time, I didn't know what injuries was caused until I saw my GP. I saw a doctor before seeing my GP, and he mentioned that there was nothing wrong. My GP told me about the results from the other doctor and he advised me to have neck x-rays.

The findings from the neck x-rays wasn't good. I had major whiplash and I have neck muscle strain which isn't good and it was the injures from the car accident.

I would like to express a major thank to Heavenly Father for allowing me to continue living my life and progress to do better. I would like to thank family, friends and other people who have prayed for me. I would like to thank the friends who helped with me to pay back to my car insurer for the excess, although I paid most of the amount.

Since the car accident, I found out my faith and trust in Heavenly Father wasn't strong enough. I noticed my faith and trust in Heavenly Father has been strengthened. I also noticed my testimony was strengthened and grew stronger. I noticed and learned a lot of other things.

I shared this post because I think it is a milestone to reach six months ago since my car accident. It is hard to believe in another six months, it will reach one year ago since my car accident.

Stay Tuned until next time.

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear that you have had to go through this. But moments like these can often give you a new perspective on life. Moments like these can teach you to live life to the fullest. But I’m so glad that you have healed since then and are doing so much better!

    Oliver @ Little, Oliver & Gallagher