Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Happy 21st Birthday Jennifer

I would like to have this post based on a Happy Birthday post for my friend Jennifer/Jen

You may ask me "How did you first met Jennifer?"

On Wednesday; April 15th, last year - The Elders, Elder Hanson, and his companion Elder Otuafi got transferred and the ward finally got Sister Missionaries. I was very excited at the time. I called the missionaries' phone number and I was surprised that a Sister Missionary answered the phone call.

I was trying to encourage the Sister Missionaries to visit my family sometime during the day because on that evening, I was flying to Perth, Western Australia. I thought the Sister Missionaries was one off transfer. The Sister Missionaries was busy throughout that day.

Time was slipping by quickly. Time went very fast. I realised that I didn't get the chance to meet Jennifer and her companion until after staying in Perth for six weeks. I kept forgetting it was her who I was on the phone to before I left to Perth.
Jennifer kept reminding me a few times during your service in my ward to ask me "Do you remember the phone call that you made before you went to Perth and it was to a Sister Missionary? Well, that was me."

I have been great friends with Jennifer since I first met her. I had so many wonderful opportunities to go out with her and her companion for being member present for lessons and it was helping me a lot to stay focus on my mission preparations.

I still remember emailing Jennifer throughout the remaining of her mission after she left my ward. It was so sad for me knowing when she got transferred to a different ward, however, it was a great blessing for me to see her one last time at the Temple in January this year, unexpectedly.

Jennifer if you get to see this post, I would like to wish you a "Happy 21st Birthday and I hope you had a wonderful day! I miss you heaps." Jennifer, we need to video call/skype each other sometime when both of us are available.

Stay Tuned until next time.

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