Thursday, 2 June 2016

Happy 30th Birthday to Liana

This post is another post that is short and sweet.

I would like to share a Happy Birthday type of post for my friend Liana and she turns 30 years today.
I would like to wish her a Happy 30th Birthday and I hope she will have an amazing day in Adelaide.
You may ask me the following two questions. "When did you first met Liana and how old were you both at the time?" "How old were you both when you both first met?"

I still remember when me and Liana met for the first time and it felt like it just happened yesterday all over again. I first met Liana at a multistake Young Single Adult Fireside in September 2014.

I was very grateful when I first met her because I was able to meet someone who was shorter than me and made me feel not so bad for being short for my age. Below is a photo of me and her when me and her first met.
I decided to describe Liana each letter of her name for her. She is,


Liana if you are reading this post, again I would like to wish you a "Happy 30th Birthday Liana! I hope you will have an amazing day and I also hope you will have enjoyable Birthday."

Can you believe it now that you are in your 30's now? I would like to let you know that I would love to spend some time with you when you come back to Brisbane and hopefully, we can before my mission. Take care and safe travels.

Stay Tuned until next time.

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