Thursday, 30 June 2016

What Brings You Down?

This post is short and sweet. I encourage you to think about and answer the following question in your own time. "What are some of things that brings you down?" 

I always try not to think about what things brings me down, because I don't like letting myself down.           I always strive my best to focus on what things brings me to happiness, cheer, and other things often. Whenever I do think about it, I always thought I didn't have many until I did deep thinking about it.

I would like to share some of the things that brings me down with you. 

I don't like accepting photo bookings for free because there are always so much things to consider with Photography. I don't like thinking about what things would have been if I didn't make certain choices.
I don't like feeling ignored whenever friends sees the messages from me but don't reply back at all.
I don't like having friends for a short term up to five years and no longer friends with them.

I don't like saying it is okay to some things after when friends says "sorry" to me. 
I don't like feeling some hurt for a long time after the pain has been caused. 
I don't like wasting other people's time. 

I like the Image that I have shared on this post and I agree what it says. If you can't see the Image, it says "never let anyone or anything bring you down, be the best you can be and you will succeed.
try your hardest and never give up on what you believe."

I would like to add, "Keep your head up, keep smiling often and always strive to be cheerful often.
Don't feel discouraged when things doesn't go the way that you expected it to." 

Stay Tuned until next time.

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