Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The State of Origin vs Institute

If you don't know what The State of Origin is, I strongly encourage you to find out what it is before reading more of this post.

As I was driving after Institute, I was thinking about what I was going to post for this evening, I kept thinking opposition and choices. I was so grateful that I did think about those two topics. I strongly encourage you to think about the following questions in your own time. 

Would you choose to have your evening as a worldy focus or a spiritual focus for this evening?
Would you choose to go to Institute instead of watching The State of Origin?
Would you choose to watch The State of Origin instead of going to Institute?

This evening was an Institute evening, and it was on the same evening as The State of Origin. I made the effort to go to Institute this evening. I decided to make Institute a priority because I wanted to have a spiritual focus evening and I had no interest in watching The State of Origin.

When I arrived at the chapel where Institue is held, I arrived thirty minutes early. I decided to go and visit a cousin for I haven't seen for awhile. After twenty minutes talking to her, I went back to the chapel where Institute is held. I arrived two minutes late.

The teacher mentioned that I was the only YSA who was at the chapel. We started not long after I arrived at the chapel. I was amazed that many YSAs chose to watch The State of Origin instead of going to Institute. 

I was the only YSA for about forty-five minutes to fifty minutes until my friend Daisy arrived. I had the opportunity to say the opening prayer before starting with the lesson. I mentioned, "To invite the spirit to be with us." It amazes me so much that I had so much faith and trust in Heavenly Father that the spirit will be present. 

During the whole Institute lesson, I noticed that I was so prepared to answer any question that the teacher has. In my mind, I had all the correct answers, I even mentioned some things that were an answer to a question that the teacher was going to ask. 
I love the Image above. If you can't see the Image above, it says "Opposition permits us to grow toward what our Heavenly Father would have us become. - Elder Oaks."

Some things do take dedication. All things have opposition, All choices that we make has opposition. I know so because it is true.
Stay Tuned until next time.

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