Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Welcome Home Sister Burgess

This post is short and sweet. Welcome Home for my friend Sister Nicole Burgess!

Before she started her mission, I became friends with her on Facebook, and became a follower to her on Instagram when I was eighteen years old. I still remember meeting Nicole for the first time at Brisbane Temple when she was in her first area and when I was nineteen years old.

I helped her and her companion Sister Mwea by providing a lift for taking them to their appointments and yes of course, I joined with them for their lessons that they had scheduled and a service project.

It was my first experience spending time with full-time sister missionaries. From that day, it made me to gain a greater desire to go and serve a mission. Missions takes a lot of dedication, time, effort and a lot of service. I still remember a major lesson that I have learnt while I was with them and it was, "Never estimate of how much the hard work that Missionaries do day to day and night to night."

The link below is to answer, "What is Missionary Work?"

I think it was amazing that the last eighteen months went so fast. I think it was a wonderful priviledge for Nicole to serve in my ward this year because I know it was a wonderful priviledge for me. I loved my calling as a Ward Missionary and even the days before I got that calling, because I always loved taking some time out of my day to go out with the missionaries, helped them with teaching lessons and it always made me feel like I was a Sister Missionary already.
I do miss Nicole heaps since she left Somerset Ward and it really sucks that I didn't get the opportunity to see her again after she got transferred,

Stay Tuned until next time.

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