Friday, 29 April 2016

He GIVES Me Peace

I hope this post is a good reminder to all of us and remember the Saviour gives us peace.
If you can't see the Image below, it says "He gives me peace. - John 14:27."
I encourage you to allow yourself some time to think about the following questions. He means the Saviour. "What does He gives me peace means to you?" and "How can we feel his peace around us?"

As for me, it means the Saviour gives me chances to feel peace through when there are arguments happening in the home, and gives me chances to feel peace when I am at the Temple. I know whenever I feel peace, it makes me happy to know it is okay to feel peace when I deserve to feel peace. When I don't feel peace, I feel unhappy and I don't like feeling sad.

Heavenly Father wants all of us to be happy, deserve to feel peace, deserve to feel loved and other things. He loves how we try to work things out and asking his assistance for insurance and keeping in tuned with the Holy Ghost.

When we keep in tuned with the Holy Ghost, we are able to feel the promptings and able to feel to know what we are doing is right choices. He doesn't want us to feel unhappy and feel unloved. Always remember, you deserve to be happy and you deserve to be unhappy when things doesn't work out well.

I encourage you to ask yourself the following questions in your own time.
"What things would I need to improve in to have a greater relationship with my immediate family members?" "What things would I need to improve in to able to make the right decisions?" and
"What would I do if the Saviour stood next to me?"

Stay Tuned until next time.

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