Thursday, 21 April 2016

Yesterday's Experience with the Sister Missionaries

First and foremost, I encourage you to think about your day yesterday and I encourage you to ask yourself the following questions. What were the achievements that you have achieved yesterday?

How was your day yesterday? Was it great? Was it productive? Was it emotional? Was it enjoyable?
My day was great, productive, and enjoyable. I would like to share with you some highlights about my day yesterday.

My ward Sister Missionaries, Sister Burgess, and Sister Tuiala were on trade-offs with another pair of Sister Missionaries who are Sister Kunz and Sister Taulagia, they are Sister Training Leaders serving in Goodna Ward and Samoan Branch from Ipswich Stake. Sister Tuiala and Sister Taulagia are both from Samoa.

From around 10:30am to around 2:35pm, I spent a great time with Sister Kunz and Sister Tuiala. There wasn't many set appointments. Instead of attending appointments, we did a lot of door-knocking and a lot of findings. We knocked on a door and a woman named Kylie answered the door.

Sister Kunz, Sister Tuiala, and I explained to her that we are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Sister Kunz said, "we are here in the area today to go around the neighbourhood to ask if anyone wants a helping hand or needs to listen to an uplifting message we have."
Kylie expressed to us about some things such as when her parents passed away, she has hope that she will be able to see them again and other things. Sister Kunz, Sister Tuiala and I had the opportunity to talk briefly about The Plan of Salvation to Kylie. I was about to cry.

After we finished walking one side of a street of houses, we started walking the other side of the street. We walked to the man who was washing his car and his name is Jeff. Sister Kunz and Sister Tuiala introduced themselves to Jeff and Jeff noticed that they were wearing badges.

He noticed that I wasn't wearing a badge and he asked "and who are you? You aren't wearing a badge." I mentioned, "I am Megan and I am in training to become a Sister Missionary." Our conversation was with him was unbelievable. Sister Kunz and Sister Tuiala was mentioning that they would be happy to give service and help clean Jeff's car.

I quoted partly a scripture to Jeff, without using my scriptures and it said, "when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." Jeff was amazed and said, "See your training sister is ahead of you guys." It was an amazing feeling and I think Sister Kunz and Sister Tuiala was amazed when Jeff said that to me.

The comment made a highlight of my day and I felt satisfied. I felt like saying, "Almost all the hard work as being a ward missionary and staying focused on my mission preparations has paid off but I still have a lot of things to achieve and learn before I leave for my mission."

Being a ward missionary Being a ward missionary has helped me a lot to become a great Sister Missionary and helped me to partly know what it feels like to be a Sister Missionary already.

Stay Tuned until next time.

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