Wednesday, 8 April 2015

7 Days until Departure

One week until I fly out. Time is going fast. I feel like saying "before I know it, I will be at the airport and saying goodbyes. I am sure that it will make me remember when I went to the airport to say byes to go to Perth for End of Year YSA Convention 2014."

I have been looking forward to go back to Perth for a few months. The answer to the question "Are you ready to say another set of goodbyes?" is still unknown. I know that I will be gone for a longer time when I go back. I wonder how many things could change while I am away again.

I still know that Heavenly Father will keep my family safe and protected while I am away. I will miss them. I will miss seeing each family member's smiling and being happy.
What would the remaining 7 days has in store for me? What will be the things that I can learn within 7 days?

I don't understand why my post "15 Days until Departure" sounds like if I was going to leave for a mission. I will be going back to Perth for holidays/vacation. I know that some of my friends from Perth, wouldn't come and visit Brisbane. I am still looking forward to go back to Perth. Another 7 days to go. 

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