Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Here I Come Perth

Here I come Perth, Western Australia!! I am excited to go to Perth ... again. When I go back to Perth, I will be able to make the most of it. I already made some plans that I would like to go and do. A few of places that I would like to go is Perth Latter Day-Saint Temple, Kings Park, etc. I will be able to go to the YSA Dance this Friday evening, attending Institute and YSA other activities. I look forward of making new friends.

Tonight is the night that I will be leaving. I will be leaving Brisbane again. I am telling you all right now that I am not ready for another set of goodbyes but I know that I have to be ready to say goodbye to my family. I WILL let them know that I love them very much and I will miss them very much while I am away when I will go to Brisbane Airport.
"Is it true that you will be leaving tonight?" is the question.

"I know my answer will be long and here it goes. Get tissues as it may make you cry!! Yes it is true that I will be leaving Brisbane tonight and I know it is hard to believe it. Time has gone so fast. I know I have to keep calm.

I have to believe it because later this evening, I will be in Perth. I will be in a different state that will be 2 hours behind of Brisbane Time Zone and Perth is the other side of Australia." is the answer.

I don't think that I will change that much while I am away. I know that I have inspired some friends by my wonderful examples for them to be able to follow. I know that inspiration to them can be when I was going to the Brisbane Latter-Day Temple often, spending some of my time to share the gospel with the Missionaries or not, attending Institute every week, my testimony about the gospel has been strengthen and many more.

So how was my last day spent?

I was home alone with my brother while one of my sisters went to University and rest of the family went out shopping. I didn't go because I wanted to do a few things before leaving. Everyone, please take care and stay safe while I am away. Look out for updates while I am away. 

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