Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Surprise Skype Call From Home

Today has been good day. I know that I already have blogged earlier. I would like to share with you the highlights that has happened today.

Earlier this afternoon, I received a skype call from my youngest sister Rebekah. and she skyped me via her tablet. I wasn't expecting for her to skype call me when she did because I was typing up a long letter for the ward member's wife (the wife to the husband who has passed away yesterday morning) to comfort her.
I don't know what Rebekah was
showing me.
However it was good talking to my youngest sister Rebekah. I was able to recognise a few different voices in the background during the Skye Call. I was able to hear my Mum, my other sister Emma and my Grandma in the background. It was good hearing them all.
A screenshot during the Skype Call

I remembered hearing my Grandma mentioning "I miss you." I said back "I miss you too." I hoped that my Grandma heard me. I would like to say that I still enjoying my time in Perth. Sometime after the Skype Call, I purchased an envelop to send a letter today and then I went shopping to get what I needed. I did other things today too.

Tomorrow will be my third day in Rockingham Stake. I will be leaving Mandurah, Western Australia area. I will be heading to closer to Rockingham, Western Australia to stay with someone else. I am so excited.

I have been missing the memories with YSA from Southern River Stake already. I am looking forward to the YSA activities in Rockingham Stake.

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