Sunday, 19 April 2015

Bounce and Games Night

Readers, I still having fun and great time here in Perth. Whenever I am not on Facebook, I am always having a great time. Yesterday afternoon, I went to Bounce to join with the YSA in Jandakot Ward. If you haven't heard Bounce before, here's the link below about it. It is I would like to come back again.
After that so in the early evening, we all went out to have dinner and desert which was at Sister Grader's house. Before dinner, during between dinner and dessert and after dessert, we all played games. We played spoons which is a American game. We played snap game using Harry Potter Uno Cards. We played a few other games. It is too hard to explain it. It was so much fun. Here's the link about how to play it. 
I enjoyed my time very much, All YSA except 1 YSA (because she lives there), left Sister Grader's house at 10:30pm. I made new friends with the YSA. There was a few YSA that I already met during End of Year YSA Convention last year. It was definitely organised so well.

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