Thursday, 30 April 2015

A Wonderful Opportunity

Yesterday, I made the right decision to go to the Temple. I arrived there 5 minutes prior to a 4pm Baptistery Session. When the Temple Workers saw just me, they knew straight away that I was happy to attend a Baptistery Session.

My friend was attending a different session compare to me, but that's okay. I remembered being asked by one of the Temple Workers of the following questions,
"Would you do more files than your Family Files?"
"How many are you willing to do?"

I answered, "Yes, I would do more files than my Family Files and I am happy to do as many as you would like me to do. "
At Perth Latter-Day Saint Temple
The Temple Workers who witnessed my answer, was very pleased to hear. Two Temple Workers was having a discussion of how many files would I do. When they finalise of how many files that I would do, they asked me, "Sister Green, would you be happy to do 25 files to 35 files? I answered "Yes, that's fine."
After the session, I had a wonderful opportunity. I was able to serve and I was greeting Church members to the Temple before going inside. It was an amazing experience.

Although there were a few Church members didn't respond to me but that's okay. I still had a great time to serve. I was able to do it for 1 hour or more than 1 hour. Whenever there was no one coming, I was taking photos. I can't wait for this opportunity to come again.

After greeting Church members, I was able to go to Institute and it was a great Institute Class. I learnt so much. 2 to 4 full pages was filled with notes.

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