Monday, 3 August 2015

A Great Influence to The Family

This post is short but powerful.

I must admit, it has been 2 months without seeing my friend Melissa Sutton's family and I spoke each family member on the phone this evening. It was so good hearing each family member again. I must have a great influence in their lives that they all remembered who I am after 2 months of not seeing them.
They all missed me a lot and I missed them so much. When I go back to Perth next, I WILL see the family again. I hope that I will stay in contact with my friend Melissa.

I do miss the days when I take the children to school.

I do miss the evenings when I made dinner for the family.

I do miss the days when I received missed calls from Melissa.

I do miss the days when I see the children's excitement whenever they saw me.

I do miss the days and evenings when spending heaps of quality time with the older children and I wished I spent the same amount of quality time with the younger children.

I do miss the days when I went shopping for the family while the children was at school and Melissa was working.

I wrote a letter for them during the flight from Perth to Brisbane. However I lost the letter which sucks. I am looking forward to write some letters for them and send the letters away with a few printed photos of memories. 

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