Saturday, 15 August 2015

Wonderful Temple Service

I don't like seeing myself upset. I don't like getting disappointed. I don't like seeing myself crying. However last night wasn't a good evening for me. 

Last night, I was upset because I had a plan to go to the Temple with a few friends for the next day and it didn't go as plan. I didn't have any back up plans. I didn't know then if I should still go to the Temple or not.

While I was taking the time to allow myself to feel calm again, I made the decision to still go to the Temple. I was grateful that I made the decision to still go. I didn't have any back up plans to do instead if I don't go to the Temple.
My Mum took me to the Temple Temple this morning and we attended a Baptistery Session together. We spent almost 4 hours at the Temple. I was able to do service while I was there which was great. 

I was able to help out during our session. I felt so much happiness, joy and tried to forget about my sadness from last night. I have been striving my best to move forward whenever I feel upset and I don't know if that's like everyone else but it is something that I have been trying to do a lot lately.
I loved the quote that I have shared for this post and I hope you will love the quote too. Stay tuned until next time.


  1. We are so proud of you, Megan, doing the word of the Lord. Keep up the good work. He is worth it. You are worth it. xxoo