Sunday, 23 August 2015

To Someone's Prayer

A short and sweet post.

I always wondered for myself if my prayer has an impact to anyone, more specifically "What if I could be the answer to someone's prayer?"

Don't you ever wondered about that too?

It always amazes me when I do mention the following in my prayers,
"Please help the Missionaries to find someone new during this week.
Please keep the Missionaries safe and protected while they are travelling.
Please soften the investigator or investigators's hearts to go to Church.

Please soften less actives or in-actives to come back to Church.
Please comfort those who are struggling and having a hard time at this time.
Please bless those who are sick, or afflicted or unwell at this time."
For those who was struggling, got comforted.
For those who was sick, got better.
For those who was afflicted, felt better. For those who was unwell, got better.

Stay tuned until next time. 

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