Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Accept Me For Who I Am

We all made mistakes in the past. I could think of 3 ways to do with our past mistakes and I have listed them below.

1. We can ignore our past mistakes and try not to do those mistakes again.
2. We can forgive from our past mistakes.
3. We can learn from our past mistakes.
I don't like times when people have conversations about my past mistakes when I am present. I don't like being informed about when people talks about me in bad ways. I don't mind when people talk about me, but it has to be in nicer ways.

I already have forgiven about my past mistakes and trying to allow myself not to do those same mistakes again. I would like people to accept for who I am today, and not judge me by my past. I like moving on from my past mistakes because I can get along with my life a lot easier.

After writing this post, I think for anyone who reads this post can relate to this somehow. I hope you learnt something new while reading this post.

Feel free to share with me any of your suggestions of what I could write a blog post about. Stay tuned until next time.

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