Friday, 7 August 2015

Happy Birthday Dad!

Another year has gone past and it's my Dad's Birthday today.

I wasn't always a Daddy's Girl but I love spending time with my Dad. I love my Dad so much. I appreciate everything he has done for my family. I appreciate when he makes sacrifices his time to spend time with my family. My Dad is my one and only Dad. No one can replace him.
A memory to be remembered. I would like to go to the Stake Ball and I hoped that I will have a date. I mentioned to my parents, "I'm not going to the Ball if I don't have a date. You both can have my 2 tickets for the Ball and go instead of me." Dad left for work because he forgot that he got time off work and I was doing something.

Dad called home and my Mum answered the phone. The phone call conversation was mentioning that he got time off work and he is available for the evening. He will be heading home after the phone call conversation and I need to get ready.
I got ready to go to the Ball when he came home. He got changed from work clothes to church clothes when he came home. I was feeling so happy that he ended up taking me to the Ball. Here's a photo above of me and my Dad at the Ball.

If you are reading this post Dad, Happy Birthday and I hope you will have a good day. 


  1. I love you, Megan. That was an awesome night. Thanks for letting me take you to the ball. Dad. <3 <3 xxoo

    1. I love you too, and no worries. <3 <3 xxoo