Wednesday, 26 August 2015

It Was a Good Day Yesterday

I had a good day yesterday. The Job Interview went good. After my Job Interview, I had to fill in some paperwork. The paperwork included my availability.

Also after my Job Interview, I was walking to my car. A random guy walked to me before I was about to unlock my car. He said, "Hey, I was walking around to ask people who has their Red P's if they were going for their Green P's soon. So are you going for your Green P's soon?"

I was happily to say "Yes I am going for my Green P's soon and I just finished a Job Interview." He gave me a set of Green P's plates and said, "Here's a set of Green P's for you to keep." I said, "Thank you very much."
I was very happy. As he went to continue his day and I continued my day, I drove to the Temple. I arrived at the Temple around 5:15pm. I attended a Baptistery Session with some YSAs from the YSA Ward/River Terrace Ward.

I love attending the Temple often. I love feeling peace and comfort when I go to the Temple. Stay tuned until next time.


  1. It's great about the green P plates, but please be careful about random guys walking up to you. While no-one likes to be rude, sometimes it's required to ensure there is always a safe distance between you and a potential danger. Good luck with your Hazard Perception Test. I hope you get moved up to green Ps first go.