Thursday, 20 August 2015

Happy Birthday Jordan C!

Throughout this blog post, there are photos of Jordan. 

Yesterday was my friend Jordan C's Birthday and I forgot to call her Mum to ask her if I could talk to Jordan over the phone to wish her a "Happy Birthday." She turned 11 years old yesterday.
I first met Jordan when I went to her house for a service project with Rockingham Ward Sister Missionaries while I was in Perth. I remembered spending a lot of time with Jordan and her sister Jade while I was in Perth. I enjoyed those times.

I remembered meeting a few or some of Jordan's school friends. I got to see them every time I pick up Jordan and her siblings after school finishes. I got asked a few questions from her friends such as, "Do you go to this school?" and "Are you Jordan's friend?"
Jordan always got excited to tell me how many days she has until her Birthday. It always got me excited because time was always going fast. Approaching my time to leave Perth, Jordan told me that she will have the room that I was staying in when I leave Perth. I think when she will have the room, it will make her miss me more.

Jordan, I know that you wouldn't be able to see this but I hope your Mum will show you this blog post. I wish you a "Happy Birthday and I hope that you had a great day!" I do miss you heaps. I do miss your sisters, your Mum and your brother heaps.
I really wanted to see you and your family for your Birthday as a surprise but it didn't ended up happening. I'm so sorry. I don't know when but I'm sure that one day, we will see each other again.

The photos was taken while I was in Perth. Stay tuned until next time. 

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