Thursday, 17 September 2015

A Recent YSA Fireside Based on Distractions From What Matters Most

Throughout this post, it mentions "YSA." YSA stands for Young Single Adults.

On Sunday evening, I attended a Multistake YSA Fireside at Forestdale Chapel.
It was the last event to end the weekend of Multistake YSA Service Convention.
I always strive my best to keep some of my friends updated about my week each week.

Two friends who is serving in two different missions, they asked me three fireside related questions via emails. The questions that I got asked was; 
"how did the fireside go?" "How was the fireside?" "What did they speak about?" 
It gave me a idea to do a blog post about the most recent YSA fireside. 

How did the fireside go? Good. How was the fireside? The fireside was good.
What did they speak about? I will share with you some notes that I took.

What is distraction? 
A distraction is something that takes your attention away from what you're supposed to be doing. For example: If I was taking the clothes off the line and stopped to look at my phone for notifications. That is a distraction. 

The YSA got asked: What are the distractions do we face in YSAs today?
We mentioned about "Facebook," "social media," "phones," "peer pressure," "friends," "families,"  and other things that are distractions. Life is full of distractions. 

The YSA got asked: What matters most to you? 
Some YSAs mentioned, "gospel," "atonement," "family," "friends," "life," "food," "your testimony," "physical health" "mental health" and other things.  

I asked myself: What matters most to me?
I would like to share with you, my answer and I encourage you to respect my answer.
Everything that involves with the true gospel such as Heavenly Father's Plan, The Saviour's Atonement, my Family, friends who are serving their missions, the scriptures, Church songs, attending the Temple often,  the teachings of the gospel, etc. 

If the true gospel wasn't my first preference; I would say, "my Family, my relatives, my life, my Best Friends, my Close Friends, my Friends, my talents, and the things that I have learnt throughout my life so far."

I encourage you to think about "what matters the most to you?" and feel free to share via comments below. Stay Tuned until next time. 

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  1. I know the gospel should be my #1 answer, but I often struggle to put the gospel before my family. My family is #1 to me. Some people say that nothing and no-one, not even family or your spouse, should take priority over God. I understand the reasoning, but I have to work on implementing that.
    Heavenly Father is the father of us all, he loves us all and supports us all. Even though we know that He has control, it's a struggle to exercise our faith. We're right here and feel that we're best positioned to step in and take control so the people we love are never in danger, sick or uncomfortable.
    Perhaps we need to step back now and then and allow natural consequences to occur for the longer-term, eternal benefit of those we love.
    I know this is right. I know I should trust in God. I know I should have faith. ...but I'm scared. I don't want to see someone suffer when I could have prevented that suffering. It makes me feel like I let them down.
    I'll continue to work on that.