Monday, 28 September 2015

I am Grateful for Institute

Day 9: I am Grateful for Institute.

You may ask me, "Why am I grateful for Institute?"
I am grateful for Institute because I always try to go to Institute often, the nearest Institute class is about 40 minutes to 45 minutes drive away from home, I have a few friends who comes to Institute, and I am always learning something new when I go.

Each time I go to Institute; I always strive to achieve the following:
Learning something new. Share any inputs that relates to the lesson.
Making Institute a priority. Being prepared by reading the lesson before attending.
Also being prepared reading scripture references before attending.

Trust me, sometimes it feels like my answers are wrong.
Sometimes it feels like that I already know the answers.
I love a quote that says "I ask you to make Institute a priority." from Thomas S. Monson.
Institute isn't just for church members who graduated Seminary the year before and who in Young Single Adult ages. Institute is also for married couples too and anyone is welcome to attend.

If you have nothing stopping you going to Institute, I encourage you to go to Institute. Institute is great!!! I think you will love Institute. You can always learn something new each week. You can always make new friends when you go to Institute. You can always make your testimony stronger by attending Institute often.

If you haven't heard of Institute before or have some questions about Institute, well here's a link below of frequent questions and answers about Institute:

Stay Tuned until next time.

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