Sunday, 20 September 2015

I am Grateful for My Family

I challenged myself to blog each day about what or who I am grateful for, and the Challenge lasts for 20 Days, Originally it was for 30 Days, but I changed my mind. I decided to do for 20 Days instead.
Day 1: I am Grateful for My Family 
You may ask me the following two questions. 
"Why am I grateful for My Family?" "Why is Your Family very important to you?"
I am grateful for My Family because My Family means a lot to me.

I always love My Family, that's right I really do. I love spending time with My Family.
I always love my Parents, I always love my sisters and I always love my brother. 
I always love talking nicely to My Family. I always love My Family's love for me.
I love getting to know each of My Family Members. 
I always love My Family's support for me. I always love My Family's care for me.
I always love when My Family uses kind words to each other.
I always love showing my righteous examples to My Family.

Stay tuned until next time.

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  1. I am grateful for my family too.