Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Using My Time Wisely

I encourage you to think about this question, "How do you use your time wisely?" 

I would like to share with you of some ways how I use my time wisely:
I go to the Temple often. I go to Church often. I fulfill my Calling often. I blog often.
I email some of my friends who are on their missions often. I go to Institute often.
I read my scriptures often. I go with the Missionaries sometimes. 
I spend time with my friends sometimes. I sing to some songs sometimes.
I send letters to a few of my friends who are on their missions regularly. 

I would like to share my short testimony based on using my time wisely.

"I know when I use my time wisely, I receive greater blessings.
I always see myself filled with joy and happiness when I use my time wisely.
I hope everyone can use their time wisely. Time is precious.

I love a quote that says "Be sure that being busy equals being productive.
Time wisely used is immeasurable." - Elder Ian S. Ardern.
I leave these things are true. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen."

If you think that you aren't using your time wisely, start using your time wisely.
Stay tuned until next time.

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