Friday, 4 September 2015

Dare to Stand Alone

This post is based on a October 2014 General Conference talk that I loved. 
It is called "Dare to Stand Alone by Thomas S. Monson."
What does Dare to Stand Alone means for you?
What does Dare to Stand Alone means for someone else?

In our daily lives, we do have times when we felt alone. 
In our daily lives, we do have times when we feel like no one is listening.
I liked President Thomas S. Monson's experience at the Navy when he dared himself to stand alone. Why can't we stand alone if we aren't doing it already?
I remembered when I was High School, I kept my Standards High, I was always proud to be a Latter-Day Saint/Mormon and I stayed strong and true to what I believe in.

I remembered answering some of the questions that my non-member friends had when I was in High School. I knew my non-member friends was watching my behaviour, attitude and actions in class. 

I have so many experiences when I dared to stand alone. Here's a few experiences when it makes it clear that I am a Latter-Day Saint/Mormon.

When I was doing Certificate II in Hospitality, some students noticed that I didn't drink Tea and Coffee. I remembered a student was reading along of a Text book and she mentioned "Latter-Day Saint/Mormon" and asked me "Isn't that what you are Megan?" I said "Yes." 

When I was doing Certificate II in Retail, I was asked "Megan, are you a Mormon?" by a student. I was happily to say "Yes I am."

When I was doing Certificate II in Workplace Practices, my class listened to EFY 2012 CD that I bought into class one day. My teacher asked the students to bring appropriate music for the whole class to listen to instead of having some students to listening to their own music for free time.

Has there been a time when you have needed to stand alone in doing what you know is right? Share your experience if it isn't too personal below.

Stay tuned until next time.

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