Thursday, 24 September 2015

I am Grateful for the Scriptures

Day 5: I am Grateful for the Scriptures Why am I grateful for the scriptures?

I am grateful for the scriptures because I have a strong testimony of the scriptures, the stories from the scriptures relates to today's society, and many other things.

I encourage you to answer the following questions and it is to test you.
"Do you allow some spare time during your day or evening to read the scriptures?"
"When was the last time you read the scriptures? Was it today?"

"Do you have a some sort of testimony of the scriptures?"
"Does the scriptures answers some of your questions?"

I like the Image below. It talks about Top 5 Effective Scripture Study Habits.
Those steps will be able to help you to gain a testimony about the scriptures and it helps you to gain a better understanding of the scriptures. It has helped me and I don't see why it wouldn't help you.

I invite you to read your scriptures daily if you haven't been doing so already.
You can do what I have been doing which is I have been reading the scriptures from the first cover of The Book of Mormon to last page of the Bible for a period of time.

I am excited to finish reading the whole set of scriptures. Will you accept the invitation? Stay tuned until next time.

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  1. I am grateful for scriptures, too. It gives me comfort to know that for every situation I find myself in there is some comparable situation in the scriptures. I learn so much from the It wasn't always that way. I've had to learn to "study" the scriptures.