Thursday, 3 September 2015

One Year of Having Provisional Licence 1

One Year ago today, I got my Provisional Licence 1 (Red P's).
I drove a lot of places since then. It has given me some freedom.
Two Years ago today, I was still on my Learners and learning how to drive.
If you ever ask me, "What was your favourite places that you drove to since you got your Provisional Licence 1 and why?"

My answer is "Brisbane Latter-Day Saint Temple and Perth Latter-Day Saint Temple because I always felt peace, comfort and happiness whenever I arrive at those places."

Within One Year, I drove in 2 different states of Australia.
I drove in Queensland for 11 months and Western Australia for 4 weeks.

In Queensland; I drove to Brisbane Latter-Day Saint Temple, Brisbane Airport, Brisbane City, Brisbane & Surrounding Areas, Logan & Surrounding Areas, Toowoomba, Gold Coast & Surrounding Areas, and Ipswich & Surrounding Areas.

In Western Australia; I drove to Perth Latter-Day Saint Temple, Perth Airport, Perth City, Fremantle, Warwick & Surrounding Areas, Bunbury, Mandurah and Rockingham & Surrounding Areas.

Any day now, I can do a Hazard Perception Test and the Test is available for me to do online. If I pass the test, I get my Provisional Licence 2 (Green P's).
I really hope that I do pass the test sometime this month.

I tried going for my Hazard Perception Test this afternoon. I didn't get pass.
I know why I didn't pass. Better luck tomorrow. I hope I do pass tomorrow.

Stay Tuned until next time.

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