Friday, 25 September 2015

I am Grateful for Good Compliments

Day 6: I am Grateful for Compliments

You may ask me "Why are you grateful for good compliments?"
I am grateful for good compliments because it always makes me happy!

I always loved getting good compliments in the past. Sometimes I still receive them.
I would like to share with you of few good compliments that I was getting in the past:
"You look very beautiful." "You are funny." "You will be a great Missionary one day."

This year, I got new good compliments that makes me really happy.
"Thank you for being who you are." "You are a amazing example to me."
"You look so young, young as a 15 year old girl."
Today, a 5 year old girl or 6 year old girl asked me "Are you a mother?" In my head was like "Wow, someone who is very young thinks that I am a mother. I wasn't wearing an engagement ring. I wasn't wearing a wedding ring." I replied to her, saying "No. I am not a mother."

Then the same girl asked me the same question about 3 times. I kept saying "No, I am not a mother." I was happy to take that as a nice compliment for the day. I couldn't get over it.

I encourage you to answer the following questions in your own time and honestly.
"When was it the last time when someone complimented you?"
"When was it the last time that you complimented someone?"
"How does receiving good compliments makes you feel?"
"How does saying a good compliment to someone makes you feel?"
"Do you like receiving good compliments?"

Feel free to share the answers in comments below.

Stay Tuned until next time.

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