Friday, 11 September 2015

Striving Continuously

I had no idea what to post this evening. This post is based on "Striving Continuously." This post is short and sweet. I love a song called "Live Like You Believe by Jenny Phillips." It's a great song and I encourage you to listen to the song. I hope you can see the Video below.
If you can't see the Video above, here's the link below;

I shared the song with you because all of my life I have lived like I believe. I always strive to continue to have high standards. I always strive to do what is right. I always strive to stand up what I believe in by not getting myself into those type of situations that I know I will loose the spirit. I don't like loosing the spirit.
Readers, I encourage you to think about the following few questions in your own time.
"What does it mean to striving continuously?"
"What does it mean for others?" and "What can you do to strive continuously?"
Stay tuned until next time.

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  1. Your commitment to continuously monitor your standards and to stay firmly on the Lord's side will save you from so much discomfort now and in the future. It is worth it.